During Your Stay

Complete with its own Hospitality Manager, General Manager, Housekeeper, Chef and Concierge, Chalet Seven caters for every wish and whim of its guests.

Upon arrival at Chalet Seven, you will be welcomed by our General Manager. Complimentary drinks will be served and it is here where your journey into a world of pure luxury, privacy and enchantment will begin. You will be given a tour of the chalet and introduced to the extensive facilities that Chalet Seven has to offer.

The reception is the hub of Chalet Seven. Inspired by the architecture and materials of a medieval castle, visitors will be transported into a bygone era. Look up and you will see the impressive glass ceiling which forms part of the chalet’s expansive open terraced area. We invite you to explore the entire chalet – it will be your home for your entire stay. Any whim or request is our pleasure to fulfil.

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